Lily's Kitchen 汪汪潔齒棒 - 小 7支裝 (7 x 16.5g)
Lily's Kitchen 汪汪潔齒棒 - 小 7支裝 (7 x 16.5g)
Lily's Kitchen 汪汪潔齒棒 - 小 7支裝 (7 x 16.5g)
Lily's Kitchen 汪汪潔齒棒 - 小 7支裝 (7 x 16.5g)

Lily's Kitchen 汪汪潔齒棒 - 小 7支裝 (7 x 16.5g)

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LILY'S KITCHEN 汪汪潔齒棒是一種與眾不同的咀嚼產品,是一種巧妙的海綿狀質地,有點像口香糖一樣擦去牙菌斑。由寵物牙科專家的精心製作, 使用天然成分(歐芹、椰子油和茴香)進行適當清潔。建議每天使用汪汪潔齒棒,幫助狗狗保持牙齒健康


Woofbrush is the dental chew with a difference. Thanks to its chewy bubbly texture, the Woofbrush reaches the gum line to help fight plaque. Its delicious taste turns teeth cleaning into a joy!

We believe all pets deserve proper food, and that’s still true when it comes to dental chews. Because dogs eat their ‘toothbrush and toothpaste’ (their dental chew), it’s important that their chew is as kind to their tummy as it is to their teeth. Woofbrush has been carefully crafted with help from our pet dental expert to make sure it works brilliantly and uses top-notch natural ingredients like parsley, coconut oil, and fennel for a proper clean without the added nonsense.

What’s more, dogs absolutely adore the taste. The Woofbrush is a chew that’s a treat, not a chore.

We recommend a Woofbrush a day to help support your dog’s dental health and this pack of 7 dental chews is just right for small dogs (1kg - 10kg) to have one each day of the week. Suitable from 6 months old.

Make sure your dog enjoys their Woofbrush safely. Start by choosing the right size. If you need any help deciding which one's right for your woofer, just let us know. Make sure to keep an eye on them whilst they're tucking in. Dogs should also chomp their chews under supervision.

Nutritional Facts


313 kcal/100g

Analytical constituents:

Crude Protein 5.5%
Crude Oil & Fats 0.5%
Crude Ash 2.0%
Crude Fibres 2.5%
Moisture 12%

Potato Flour, Tapioca Starch, Glycerine, Cellulose, Nutritional Yeast, Algae (2.2%), Fennel (0.3%), Coconut Oil (0.3%), Green Tea Extract (0.2%), Parsley (0.1%)